Clan Wars


On the side of this silver-gray mountain is a small Clan of Humanoids, called the Martdow. This is where their ancestors built a village on a lush green plateau, one hundred feet off the valley floor. With the mountain at their backs and a shear cliff face with a winding road, that was also built by their ancestors, they are as safe as they can be.

The Martdow live in relative harmony with the land, they are Paganistic in nature and only take what they need from the land to survive. The men average six feet six inches while the women are just under six-foot. Their bond to the Clan is strong, and anyone of them would die to protect it. All the men are skilled hunters, just that some are much better at it than others. Some men have special talents; farmers, breeders, millers, traveling tradesman, weavers, clothes makers, shoemakers and barriers of the dead.

In this village are one hundred and twenty-seven domed clay huts that they call, Dolauts (dola-uts). Each one of them house only three people, unless a mother gives birth to multiple babies. Some have single men looking for a wife, some have a single woman because her man died and she is looking for another man, while the Clan watches over her.

Although there three huts that do not follow these rules, they belong to they The Healer or Shaman along with her Apprentices. These hut are the most protected and set the furthest from the entrance to the village for their protection.

In the center of the village is a large open space for meetings, weddings, parties and when a New Leader of the Clan is chosen after the present one dies. Not just anyone can be chief, you must come from a line of Chiefs and have “Royal Blood”. It is also the place where all the families are brought and family names are drawn until the last family standing must go and participate in the Clan Wars. So you may not be able to be Chief of your Clan, survive Clan Wars and you can be Chief of all the Clans.

The days are twenty-seven hours long, they cannot tell time as we do, all they know that it is morning, noon time, afternoon,  evening and night, what time of night, they can not tell. A week is eight days, a month is six weeks or one lunar, from the time of one full moon to the next full moon. A year is 14 months or one Rebirth. That is when Vaga, the brightest star in the western sky, appears in the notch in the mountain, Motroshale (mo-tro-shale) across the valley, one year has passed.

Most every animal on this planetoid has been Genetically Altered, like the Shig, it has the body of a Pig but the head, legs and fleece of a Sheep. There is the speedy little hopper the Rexolabit, the body of a Red Fox with the head, legs, pelt and sheer speed of the Cottontail Rabbit. You have a flyer called the Phease, the body of a Goose with the head and plumage of a Pheasant. Oh hell you cannot forget the Peakey (pea-key) the big body of the Turkey and the beautiful head and plumage of the Peacock, can you imagine that strutting out in the open? Well back to the animals, a real nasty on the Black Begator, it is silent, deadly and you are usually dead before you know you are dead. It is one of the truly one of the best G.A.’s on this planetoid. It has the body of a Black Bear with the head, speed, stealth, coloring and agility of a Bengal Tiger a real Formidable foe. There are some animals you have to watch out for at night one such animal is the Barcuin the head and body of a Wild Boar with the armament of the Porcupine, with tusks and spines a real nasty.

Then there are the ones that live in the water, the Tromon a large fish with the head and coloring of a Trout and the Size of a Salmon, a real fighter. Then for a tasty one called Rocaskch (ro-cask-ch), the head and markings of a Rock Bass and the body of a Jack Perch and they school in the hundreds. But like all other G.A.’s you have one you do not want to be in the water with because of its ferocity. That would be the Maskil Plinger, the head and teeth of a Chain Pickerel and the body and coloring of the Muskellunge, with all this aggressiveness in one fish you would not to be in the water near these fish.

There the ones that have been tamed so they can be used for everyday use, for instance the Water Boxen a very large animal able to pull very large loads when it wants to. It is a cross between Water Buffalo and Oxen and has a mind of its own. Another is the Bumu-tat, head, body and strength of a Burro, feet and agility of a Mountain Goat. They are used by the Mountain Clans mostly for carrying trade goods around on to other clans. A really weird one is the Corse, it looks like a Horse with the bag and udders of a Cow. These are but of a few of the G.A.’s that are here. The people do not think they are strange, they have been here forever so why should they think any different?

There is a group called the Silver Guard, nobody know who they are or where they come from. But when a Law is broken no matter how big or small they appear and deal out swift punishment. They also show up when the leader of all the Clans dies to choose another family as representatives from each Clan. This has weighed heavily on Wayho’s mind these past ten years.